The threshing floor & the wind

Joel 2:24 ESV says that “The threshing floors shall be full of grain; the vats shall overflow with wine and oil.”

Many years ago in the absence of modern day machinery, Threshing floors were used to separate grain from the chaff. Farmers would have a special smooth flat surface like stone or hard-packed dirt that they would spread the harvested grain over and then have an animal walk on the grain to break the kernels and separate the grain from it’s outside shell (called the chaff). Then they would use forks or similar tools to throw the chaff and the grain in the air (again and again) and the wind would blow away the light and feathery chaff/the shell, and the grain would fall back down to the threshing floor.

Our threshing floor is as hard as a rock. In fact it is the rock of our salvation and as much as others may see blessings of harvested grain being spread out on our threshing floor; there is still some crushing that has to be done. There is still some tools, like forks, that aggressively scoop and toss the blessings into the air, so that what we can’t use would be blown away.

Some people may feel like when they finally get the harvest of grain that they can rest. Some may feel like when they crush the kernels and separate the grain from the shell that even that’s enough. But blessed are those who withstand the winds to throw their blessings upward toward heaven, trusting that the winds that may seem like it would steal or scatter all that the Lord has given to us, would only blow away the things that is not beneficial to us.

We must remember that the wind belongs to the Lord.

Only then shall our vats (our vessels) overflow with the wine and oil that truly transforms, anoints and appoints us through a cleansing that frees us from fear while communicating our commitment and present engagement in the full process that transpires on the threshing floor.

Be blessed,



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