Basking in the beauty of Prayer!

Dear God,

Thank you for loving me, thank you for keeping me, thank you for uplifting me. Thank you for your faithfulness and mercies that is new every morning. I ask for your forgiveness and cleansing for anything I have said, done, and thought that is not pleasing unto you, as well as everything that is not beneficial to the life and plans of the abundant life that you have planned for me. I thank you for the set backs, the step backs, the turnarounds, and the closures that have redirected me in my path to your promises. I thank you for the favor, blessings and resources that you have made accessible to me to continue my journey and pilgrimage throughout this land. I understand that no matter what I face, and no matter what I encountered, that I am a child of God, an heir to the kingdom, and that no weapon formed against me shall withdraw me from that status.

Help me to continue to walk in your Grace and in your light. Order my steps so that they are powerful, humble, impactful, and so that it leaves a remnant for those who come after me. Speak to me every chance you get my attention. Speak to me in my dreams, when I’m awake and even when I daydream. Cover my mistakes and my shortcomings so that it does not hinder or take away from my value or effectiveness. Touch my tongue. Help me to speak life, encouragement, wisdom, and motivation so that it may uplift and edify those who hear me. Allow your words to spill out of me when I open my mouth, so that it is fortified and rich with your spirit. Teach me to discern what is right for me and what is right for your people. Move me into position and protect my eyes and ears so that they do not create enticing lures that turn my heart from your ways and precepts. Help me to shift from the things that I do that may unknowingly chip away at the things you are building; bring comfortability until I no longer enjoy the things that is not good for me. I do not want to miss out on any of your promises that you have in store for me because I know that they are sure, as long as I stay the course.

Draw me closer to you and allow me to encounter your presence all by myself, without needing a warm up or a pep talk. Reveal a joy of intimate relationship with you that I can feel into the depth of my soul. A joy that I constantly think about, a joy that keeps me satisfied no matter what the situation. A joy that keeps me thirsting after a deeper relationship and knowledge of you. A joy that keeps me in your presence always knowing that you are near, even with just a slight brush of a summer breeze. Keep me encouraged and get me through the tough times always eager and looking for your next move. Let me see miracles, signs and wonders. Thanks again for purposefully creating me, and for creating me with purpose, knowing that every level of my life that you lead me into is purpose being fulfilled.




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