Shake it off… We are well equipped.

The feeling of being Depressed is something that people suffer with every day. Some more than others.

Usually, it’s caused by feeling sorry for ourselves due to our own or someone else’s decisions which affect the outlook of our life or our current mood or emotional stability.

Most times we don’t have any control over such instances. But the weight of those situations tends to spiral us into a cycle of anger, sadness and then carelessness (in that order). This cycle is the spirit of depression that can take you around and around and it can wreak havoc in your life as our actions tend to spill out of our thoughts.

Thoughts, you CAN control but actions CAN’T be taken back.

Depression is a spirit which once it takes control, sabotages our intellect to contradict our existence and stifles our purpose.

This is the fruit of the enemy that brings death. Death is a big word, it doesn’t just mean physical it also means your emotional stability, your spiritual connection, and let’s not leave out time. It kills your awareness if real-time allowing the world to keep moving while we stay at a standstill chasing our own tail and time passes us by (hence at some point we feel like we’re out of time).

A person who has sleep apnea does not take sleeping pills to go to sleep, neither do they isolate themselves in places that can be detrimental based on their condition. So why then do we listen to sad music or Isolate ourselves when we feel down which creates the perfect well to dive deeper into a depressing state of mind?

Your mind is a sponge and it’s soaks up whatever you mop up.

So what do you do when you feel let down or find yourself in that cycle that I call the enemy’s trap? Simple, redirect your mind from Death To Life. Shake it off.  The Bible says that Jesus is the way the truth and the life. The Bible is not overrated, it’s underutilized. We Are Spiritual Beings created by God and our creator has provided us with a manual.  There is no aspect of life that is not discussed in the Bible. From Who You Are to what’s within you to where you’re going and everything that you will experience in between; it’s all covered. We are well-equipped for the world but many don’t even know it.



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