The Way is already made; Walk in it.

Sometimes what’s holding up your breakthrough is you. Sometimes we just have too many personal electives that we try and focus on and skip the prerequisites required to complete the level in order for our breakthrough to come through.

Keep these in mind…

– be mindful of those with advice whohave never walked your path before……Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.
– be mindful of those with advice whose life results is not what God has planed for your life……Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit
– be mindful of the abrupt interference of contrary thoughts which always seems to come at the moment you’re about to make your move….. Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

God is a God of Order.

The bible spoke about when he gave out the talents, he came to see what they did with it, and he blessed those according to the measure of their work. Study to show yourself approved because after receiving the blessing you have to maintain it. Whom much is given much is required. How can he bless us with much if our actions show he can only bless us with litte?

In the School of life.

Talent is only the degree, and many a talent has fell by the wayside. What are we doing with it. Action speaks blessing. The blessing is the doors he will open; the territory he will enlarge. We got our work cut out for us. Get used to change because if you’re too comfortable in a spot it means you’re still in the same place…..When God says Go you can’t tell God it’s too far. When God says expand you can’t tell God it’s too big…… The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. Walk into it. It is HE who makes the way. Don’t know how but He did it, He’s doing it and we are seeing it come to pass.

Be Blessed



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