Inspiration & Revelation

Inspiration is the Revelation of God that is breathed out by God and spoken through the Holy Spirit, instantly bringing a mental stimulation to a person who is chosen to receive and disclose or carry out an unknown and astounding truth in a very timely way.

Everything breathed out from God is a Revelation. Everything revealed by God is a revelation. Every bit of information, everything that is made evident, the very word of God, and even confirmations are a revelation. But when God uses people to bring forth the revelation, that method is called inspiration. We do it by the inspiration of God.

Have you ever done things or felt moved to position yourself in a particular way or direct others in a particular way, in an instant, without any knowledge of what was to come next? Have you ever had words come to you, that you yourself did not think of; or spoken in a way that is beyond your current knowledge or expertise, that you yourself are not used to speaking? Now many argue and have even done studies that one cannot speak and listen at the same time. However, when the words are coming out of your mouth and it surprises even you yourself what is being said because it surpasses our own thoughts and knowledge, it is an indication that the Holy Spirit has taken over. As such, when we empty ourselves before the Lord, as a vessel, we can find that we have an in-the-moment ability to listen-in to what the Holy Spirit is saying even if it is flowing out of our very mouths.

I’m not just speaking in regard to spiritual things. God is a Spirit and he moves spiritually, but through his inspiration, his spirit is able to transcend into the natural and we are able to carry out his revelation naturally to say or do what is necessary in the moment for the benefit of us and/or whomever we communicate with.

Those moments of inspiration, even if it seems small and simple, should not be taken lightly, as it speaks greatly of who you are. Even if you find that you fall short of where you should be in the presence of the Lord or in your relationship with him, your obedience to the divine inspiration of God, as well as your character and who you are to God is greatly shown in these moments when he can use you without your mind and your thoughts getting in the way of what he is doing at that moment. It may be as simple and significant as delaying moving forward when the traffic signal turned green, not knowing that another vehicle was speeding past the red light at that moment. You could not have known that, but God did and his spirit took control at that moment and directed you to pause and you were obedient.

For God to use you in that way, not only means that your heart is open to him, but it means that you trust him enough to automatically step aside in your own mental thinking, to allow him to take the lead whenever His Spirit rises within you.

“But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.” Job 32:8 KJV

“for the Holy Spirit will teach you at that time what needs to be said.” Luke 12:12 NLT

Be Blessed,



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