Just thinking about the nature of the Ocean. How it sways back and forth, how it rages its angry waves, how it beats on the jagged rocks, how it creeps up slowly onto the sand and then it rushes in to devour it; how it is calm and serene, how it receives everyone and everything, how it swallows things up without thought and without holding back. How it makes you wrinkle the longer you stay in it, how it can drown you if you swallow too much of it, how it can take you under without coming up for air, how it can have you panting and gasping for breath; how it can push you deeper in depth and in darkness, how it gives life plentifully and can take it back without regret. How it just tickles you when your feet get wet, how it sweeps you off your feet, how it gently rocks you to sleep; how it makes you float on top of the world, how it is soft, tender and sweet and swiftly takes your cares away; how it is a home for many things, how it provides and makes way to thrive. But most of all, how it is full of salt, how it is pure and how it purifies.

Empty or full it lies in wait, to react to what is thrown in it or what brushes up against it along its way. Whether the wind, or the movement of the creatures within, a speed boat rushing over its top, or a pebble skipping in. It reacts, whether a little or a lot, that can’t be controlled and can’t be stopped. It runs its course until it is back to a neutral state to again receive what comes it’s way. It is not biased, in fact it is naive. Powerful yet feeble, innocent yet blamable, instinctive yet gracious, loving yet neglectful. It has no form, no shape, no enemies and no friends; it makes no mistakes.  Filled with it’s own possessions within, it is a vessel, and a vessel receives.

“…….. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”
Genesis 1:2 KJV



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