If you were here?

The Bible says that Jesus received a message that his dear friend Lazarus was very sick (John 11). When Jesus heard the message he made a statement that Lazarus’ sickness would not end in death but that this situation happened for the glory of God so that the Son of God would receive Glory fromContinue reading “If you were here?”


Character defines a persons personality, qualities, and the distinct nature and features that dominates their mental, spiritual, inner and outer state. Ones character is displayed to others through our behavior, demeanor, attitude, body language and facial expression. Even more, our character is on display especially through our words. The bible says in Luke 6:45 NIVContinue reading “Defined”

The Life of Freedom

Peace – Freedom from disturbance. The ability to be calm. The desire to be on one accord. The beginning of friendship. Reconciliation of wrong. Agreeing to be neutral. Forming a treaty or a union. The underlying, silent, and many times overlooked word that validates love. Peace. Who wants peace but has a heart filled withContinue reading “The Life of Freedom”